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Blood and Gore,
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Kujuk is a great mystery. His origin, age, where he was taught and what he believes are all unknown. It’s like he simply appeared one day out of thin air, stepping outside of time’s flow. Indeed, listen closely enough to his imperturbable voice and you’ll discover him a disciple of Oxuuxo, the Time Titan, whose followers believe time’s great Flow runs in two directions, converging at a single point - the only point where reality is real. The rest is a dream, growing foggier and less tangible as the stream flows away from the Moment. Nothing is real until the Moment comes, and when is the moment? In the center. Kujuk appears because he discovered a disturbance in time and seeks to brush the wrinkle clean.

"A lifetime of considering Oxooxo's two streams, a snap of the finger. I am back, chained to this instance. My master has need of me, my hands, my magic, to right a wrong."


Passive: Ripple in time

Duplicate your titan skills with a 2s delay. Dealing 50% more damage.

Base Attack: Spirit Shot

Fire a combo of piercing Spirit Bolts from your staff dealing 50% | 60% | 140% weapon power. Every third attack deals area damage. Spirit Bolts that hit enemies currently have 10% chance to drop mana. Mana drop chance increases by 1% for each enemy hit.

Class Ability: Heal Beam

Create a beam of spiritual healing around you, which heals you and surrounding allies for 100% weapon power as health for every 250 hitpoints of base health.

Titan 1: Gravity Well

Pull enemies towards a targeted location dealing 250% weapon power and slowing them for 3s.

Titan 2: Cryoblast Shot

Shoot a frozen bolt, dealing 100% weapon power in an area. Enemies hit by this skill are frozen in place for 4 seconds.

Ultimate: Summon Spirit

Summon 1 spirit of Dena and Duron to fight alongside you for 30 seconds. The Spirits cast Spirit Shot at enemies, dealing 480% weapon power as damage. Healing players charges your Ultimate.