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How to edit config.txt

The config.txt file contains settings for starting the game and in some cases it might be possible to resolve issues by editing it by hand. To edit config.txt, right click Blightbound in Steam, select Properties, go to the Local Files tab and click Browse Local Files. Open config.txt in Notepad to edit it. Don’t be afraid to edit config.txt: if you break or remove it, the game will automatically fix it on startup.

Crashes with MSI Afterburner

If you have MSI Afterburner and/or Fraps enabled, the game might crash or freeze right away on startup. To fix this, either turn off Afterburner or Fraps, or disable the overlay in the Afterburner settings.

Crashes on Intel GPUs

If you have an Intel integrated GPU (basically anyone who doesn’t have an Nvidia or AMD GPU) then you might get crashes on startup or after a few minutes of playing due to memory problems. The solution for this in many cases is to switch to Low texture quality. You can do so either in settings in-game (if you can get there) or by editing your config.txt file. See the item about config.txt above for how to edit it.

Alt+tab crashes the game, how can I fix this?

This sometimes happens when running in Exclusive Fullscreen mode. Try running in Borderless Window Fullscreen mode instead (this option can be found in the graphics settings in-game). This also covers the entire screen, but makes alt+tab much quicker and fixes any crashes with that.

Other crashes

Some computers seem to crash due to driver problems. We haven’t managed to figure those out yet, but a workaround that works for some players is to run the game in DirectX 9 or in OpenGL (instead of the default DirectX 11). You can edit this in config.txt. See the item about config.txt above for how to edit it.

My virus scanner says Blightbound is a virus or trojan, how can I fix this?

Blightbound is not a virus, but some virus scanners think so anyway. You can work around this by telling your scanner that Blightbound is okay. Just whitelist Blightbound .exe in the scanner. If you don't know where Blightbound .exe is, then right click the game in Steam, go to Properties, then Local Files and then click Browse Local Files.

If you cannot even install the game because of this, or if your scanner has already quarantined the file, then you can resort to stronger measures by following these steps:

  • Disable the anti-virus software

  • Install Blightbound (or, if already installed, use Steam’s 'Verify integrity' option)

  • Whitelist Blightbound

  • Re-enable anti-virus software

See also Steam's official take on this issue.

My controller controlscheme got reset

Some controllers change names when plugged out and back in. A different name means that the game doesn't think the controller is the same as one with the old name, the old one has a saved controll scheme, the new one doesn't. Some controllers can be set to Direct Input or XInput. Setting the controller to XInput (which changes the name once) makes sure the name doesn't keep changing so your controlscheme won't reset again.

I don't have bloodslick even though my story progression says I should have it. What went wrong?

You need to progress through her story log in order to get Bloodslick. I think i had the same issue during launch where it had the person goal completed but had not received the dagger yet. After completing Chapter 4 and 5 you get the dagger. If this doesn't solve your issue, or you have already completed Chapter 4 and 5, please contact support@ronimo-games.com

This same process will apply to other heroes in game as well, such as Tek’ka and his Blight crystals.

I can’t equip my items! They keep shaking instead.

Go into the settings for your controls and reset your controls to default. That should solve this issue.

I can’t play as a specific hero!

You haven’t reached level 7 on the refuge. Reach level 7 on the refuge, and you should be able to select your hero of choice.

I can’t complete a hero’s story

During the Early Access period, a hero’s story might not be completable and certain items might not yet be possible to find.

Reporting issues and giving feedback

We have several ways to report feedback and reporting issues. Make sure that you appropriately describe your issue in whatever format you decide! First, you can send an e-mail to support@ronimo-games.com. Second, you can go to http://www.discord.gg/ronimo and use the bug report and feedback threads to explain your issue. The added benefit here is that the community might already be able to help.

Game may crash if controller input is detected while running CORSAIR iCUE.

If the game is already running, plugging in a controller may cause the game to crash. If you are running CORSAIR iCUE, try updating the software. If not, please contact us on support@ronimo-games.com.